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The fear of being reprimanded or punished for poor performance or bad behavior doesn’t typically motivate employees as well as positive incentives. An incentive program can help your employees feel appreciated and valued. This means that employees may be far more willing to go above and beyond expectations. Without positive reinforcement, employees may only perform the bare minimum to avoid a reprimand rather than working harder to earn the rewards from the incentive program.

There are a wide variety of different incentives. Incentive programs should include the benefits that will most motivate your staff members. Different employees may have different incentives that they prefer. Creating the ideal incentive program will involve revisiting the incentives on offer and adjusting them as needed. That way, you’ll always be certain that your current incentives are the best ones to keep your employees feeling valued and appreciated.

Connect incentives to rewards that are fun, timely, and reinforce the right behaviors in employees!

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473 companies signed up in the last month alone!

A Holistic Platform to Drive Employee Incentive Programs

Timely Awards with Automation

Deliver awards instantly to create the maximum impact.

High Engagement with Gamification

Engage everyone in a healthy competition with gamification.

Custom Catalog for Redemption

Delight employees with an extensive choice of rewards.

No Expiration of Reward Points

No expiration of reward points allows reward redemption anytime

Improve productivity, engagement, and retention with meaningful incentives

Appreciate employees with timely rewards

  • Use reward automation so you never miss any milestones in the employee lifecycle
  • Make performance awards impactful with reward points and instant redemption
  • Amplify rewards and recognition with ‘high-fives’ and comments

Increase engagement with gamification and customization

  • Gamify the incentive program with badges and custom leaderboards
  • Use leaderboards to show how they rank against peers, and champions
  • Create a familiar experience with custom branding, logo, and other configurations

Create moments of delight with an extensive reward catalog

  • Create a custom reward catalog to delight employees and reaffirm company values
  • Leverage a global catalog with 20,000+ redemption options, zero markups, and instant delivery
  • Let them choose from gift cards, experiences, perks, subscriptions, merchandise, wellness, and more

Understand the impact of your incentive program

  • Check incentive distribution and reward redemption data to measure the effectiveness of your program
  • Analyze trends by a team, designation, grade, location, and department
  • Get the precise ROI of your program with the budget utilization report

Start your employee incentives program in 60 minutes

Reward in the flow of work

  • Collaboration - MS Teams, Slack
  • HRMS & HRIS - Gusto, BambooHr
  • SSO Support - GSuite, Okta SSO

Improve participation

  • AI Bot nudges and mail notifications to elicit action
  • Badges, and leaderboards for healthy competition

Multiple incentive types

  • Monetary & Non-monetary Awards
  • Peer-to-Peer Awards
  • Birthday Rewards
  • Spot & Nomination-based Awards
  • Festival gifts for Christmas, Eid, etc.

Anywhere, anytime recognition

  • Desktop Application
  • Mobile Apps (Android & iOS)

Workflows and automation

  • Configure reward workflows to include approvers and nominators
  • Automate the rewards and recognition process with rules

Multiple incentive types

  • Milestone Awards
  • Service Anniversary Award
  • Performance Award
  • Onboarding Award
  • Retirement Award

More reasons to choose Empuls

With 100% transparent pricing plans, Empuls is a much more affordable employee engagement solution compared to other standalone solutions in the market!

Rewards & Recognition

Empower employees to recognize peers when they display company values or exceed goals. Delight employees with reward points that never expire and reward choices from gift cards, perks, discounts, experiences, charity, wellness, and more.


Keep a finger on employee pulse and seek direct feedback using pulse, and lifecycle surveys. With insights and data-backed recommendations, take the right action to continuously improve employee engagement and experience.


Centralize internal communications to bring everyone on the same page, and engage them in rich conversations. Create a social network for employees to collaborate on projects, connect with peers, and have fun through hobby groups.

One powerful platform
- multiple solutions

We deeply understand the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and engagement drivers of people. That's why we built Empuls - an integrated platform for companies to build a truly engaged workforce





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473 companies signed up in the last month alone!